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  • Summer 2016

    The joys of summer bring shifts in schedules where time alternately accelerates and stops.  It is a season that highlights the ephemeral nature of time, best evidenced by the changes of a garden.  Below is one sample, a quick snapshot from sitting in our yard this past weekend.  The garden has already changed in the few days since the photo and will change again.

    In the meantime, here are a few updates:

    • Two photo projects wrapping up, one starting.  Completed photography for Essential Acupuncture and was hired to be set photographer for an independent film directed by Tom Fratterigo and produced by Kevin and De Cooper.  Had my first day of shooting for a local gluten free cafe.  Three more shoot days scheduled in the coming weeks.
    • We are visiting our daughter in Costa Rica later this month to help her celebrate her birthday.  Hoping to sneak away to shoot for a half day while there.  Here are photos from a project I worked on a few years back in her town of Nosara.
    • I attended the NCDA Conference here in Chicago in June.  So many great people and such intriguing information.  My biggest takeaway is about the importance of career development.  Since the global markets have expanded more rapidly than the safety nets, individuals have been left out of the equation.  It is crucial to support people in career pursuits to help them remain valued members of society.
    • I also attended the Face, Body and Image Symposium at Northwestern University in Evanston.  Pure bliss hearing a full day of cinema study papers.