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  • Feb 2016

    These days, I'm:

    • Still growing my winter beard.
    • Excited to be serving on the DCASE Grants Panel.
    • Wrapping up printing my photos of the interior of a neighborhood bank for the Six Corner's Association.  The association will keep these for historic purposes.
    • Signing up for a Career Development Facilitator Training.  This will allow me to begin a consulting business to work with artists and filmmakers supporting their career development.
    • At work, we are creating an industry outreach plan strategizing the best method for connecting our students to the professional communities.
    • After watching the movie Love & Mercy, I can't stop listening to Pet Sounds and the multiple versions of Smile.
    • Finishing up watching the IFP Spirit Award screeners.  Almost time to vote.

    And here's a bonus photo from my morning commute.